Be queer! Do Art!


⁃We ask that submitters be current or previous residents, or at least have strong ties to Alabama
⁃We accept previously published work as long as the creator holds the rights to submission with other publications
⁃Short stories should be no more than 10,000 words long
⁃Poems should be 100 lines or less per poem
⁃All visual art and photography should be submitted in highest resolution possible, .tiff and .png (digital art with transparency) preferred
⁃Short stories should be submitted individually
⁃Poems, photographs, and artwork may be submitted in groups of no more than five
⁃You may submit in multiple categories (short fiction, poetry, photography, fine art, illustration), but please keep entries separate
⁃If your work is published you retain rights to your work and may submit it to other publications that accept previously published work
⁃If your work is not published in this period please consider re-submitting in the future
-All submissions should be sent to If document is too large in size, email us for a link to the Google drive account
⁃Be queer, make art!


Get in touch with the team at Sissy Fit for a chance to submit your work, speak with an editor, and have your questions answered.